Birkett’s Beef

  • Topside – a popular Sunday roast, also tastes great cooked rare… it’s your choice!
  • Silverside – best roasted, cooked slightly longer than Topside. Great for pot roasting too!
  • Brisket – a good old-fashioned inexpensive cut that gets better the longer in the oven it is!
  • Rump steak – succulent Lincolnshire steaks that are full of flavour and best accompanied with a plate of chips and a glass of red wine!
  • Sirloin steaks – a real tender Lincolnshire beef steak best pan-fried with butter.
  • Minced Beef – affordable and versatile, we mince selected lean cuts from the fore-quarter for a fuller flavour.
  • Stewing beef – we use only the best quality chuck steak for the most flavoursome stew.
  • Braising steak – lean and tender, best cooked slowly in the oven or a slow cooker along with your favourite vegetables.

As well as our premium quality British Beef, we can also source other beef cuts including ox tail and fillet beef. Please order in advance to avoid disappointment.

Our trained butchers will be happy to help advise you on cooking times for any of the above cuts – pop in and see us, or check out our recipes pages!