Birkett’s cooked meats

  • Roast pork – finest Lincolnshire rolled pork leg finely scored for that perfect crackling.
  • Roast ham – we use only the best Danish gammon for roasting.
  • Boiled ham – slowly boiled for a real succulent family favourite.
  • Roast beef – our great tasting British Silverside is lightly seasoned with salt and cracked black pepper to get the best taste. Tastes great in sandwiches with pickles… yum!
  • Roast turkey – fresh turkey breast rolled and simply roasted.
  • Haslets – Birketts’ homemade traditional recipe either plain or savoury.

We also offer a number of other traditional cuts including corned beef, ox tongue and luncheon meat. We also freshly-make sandwiches on-site while you wait… simply delicious!