Birkett’s Lamb

  • Leg of lamb – a tasty family favourite, this tasty cut can be enjoyed on or off the bone.
  • Lamb shoulder – an affordable cut of fore-quarter meat that is bursting with flavour.
  • Lamb shanks – a lovely and sweet sticky meat when slow cooked with vegetables.
  • Lamb chops – a tender cut that tastes great with a minty marinade.
  • Barnsley chops – a double-sided and extra-meaty chop taken from across the loin.
  • Leg/rump steaks – very tender and versatile steaks from the hind-quarters.
  • Minced lamb – selected minced lean lamb cuts that taste perfect when rolled into meatballs!

We can also supply other cuts to order, including breast of Lamb and neck of lamb. Please call us in advance to avoid disappointment.