Birkett’s Pies and pastries

  • Pork pies – filled with the best selected British pork shoulder with a peppery seasoning encased in our own special hot water paste and cooked daily for that perfect crispness. Available in large, medium and small sizes.
  • Sausage rolls – made to our traditional recipe, we use prime Lincolnshire sausage meat and wrap them with our homemade short crust and puff pastry. Catch them hot out the oven!
  • Large steak pies – succulent chuck steak cooked slowly in a rich gravy with our short crust base and lid. Large enough to feed 2-4 people.
  • Small steak pie – as above, but with a puff pastry top and portioned for one.
  • Sausage pie – filled with our own prime Lincolnshire sausage meat with a puff pastry top and portioned for one.
  • Minced beef and onion pie – a short crust pastry pie, filled with mince beef and onion.
  • Bacon and egg pies – made with fresh free-range Lincolnshire eggs and best bacon pieces in a short crust pastry. Serves 1-2 people.
  • Pasties – Cornish-style pasties with potato, vegetables and mince beef. Available in short crust or flaky pastry.
  • Chicken and mushroom pasties – a rich chicken and mushroom pasty with a flaky pastry, made to our homemade recipe.
  • Fruit pies – apple pies with a choice of raspberry or blackcurrant filling in short crust pastry. Great with ice cream or custard! Serves 2.
  • Large apple pies – apple pies in our homemade short crust pastry. Easily serves 4 people.
  • Apple turnovers – our own tasty apple pie filling in a turned over short crust pastry. Serves 1.
  • Mince pies – a great Christmas favourite that can be enjoyed all year round!

All our pastry products are made in store and baked daily by our trained bakers to give you fresh crisp products every time.